How to Doodle a Clock

Step 1

Begin by doodling a square in the middle of the page. Now doodle a slightly larger square around the smaller square while making sure that the spacing between the two squares is even on all four sides. 

how to draw clock

Step 2

Next, give your clock a pair of legs. Use simple straight lines that angle outwards and form a rectangle. Alternatively, you can use half-circles or squares for the legs. Above the head of the clock, mirror the base by doodling to antennae extending outwards. Kind of like giving your clock a pair of horns. On top of these horns doodle two half moon circles to represent that bells of the alarm clock.

how to doodle clock

Step 3

Now, spend a little time adding dials to your clock. You can, of course, create a digital or analog dial. Or, use your imagination to create something even more creative and out of this world. 🙂 Don’t forget to also add a couple of arcs on either side of the horns. These arcs will draw the horns out of the head of your alarm clock when we add the third dimension.


drawing clock

Step 4

Add a third dimension to your alarm clock by doodling lines that extend out and toward the back on a 45-degree angle. Then connect those lines together to close the shape. And finally, add some final touches using lines to shade the bells and the bottom half your alarm clock. Shading your clock in this way will add some depth to your doodle.


doodling clock

Step 5

Having completed your doodle of a clock, take a moment to give it some color. Using various shades of color will give your doodle character and life.

clock doodle

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