How to Doodle a Coffee Machine

Step 1

Begin by doodling three rectangles as shown in the example below. Pay particular attention to the size and position of each rectangle. Take care to also use straight lines and angles. It’s, of course, not necessary to make your rectangles perfect. A little imperfection will give your coffee machine some personality and character. 

doodling Coffee machine

Step 2

Next, use arcs, straight lines, and rectangles to doodle the spout and portafilter. Use the doodle below as an example, however, also feel free to be creative and use your imagination. Coffee machines come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
how to draw doodling Coffee machine

Step 3

Time to add some finer details to your coffee machine doodle. Use triangles, circles, lines, and rectangles to doodle various buttons and decorative elements of your coffee machine.

doodle Coffee machine

Step 4

Add some shading to your coffee machine using straight lines. Where you shade your coffee machine doesn’t really matter. Shading in this way adds another dimension to your doodle.

drawing Coffee machine

Step 5

The final step is to add some color to your coffee machine doodle. You can either use complementary colors or different shades of the same color. Colors will give your doodle more life. 

how to doodle Coffee machine

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