How to Doodle a Frying Pan

Step 1

Begin by doodling an oval shape in the middle of your page. This oval will represent the top of your frying pan doodle. Next, doodle an arc shape within this oval. This will represent the inside surface of your frying pan. Finally, doodle the outside of your frying pan. Focus on keeping consistent angles and spacing.

how to draw frying pan

Step 2

For the handle of your frying pan doodle, using straight lines. The length of the handle should be no longer than the length of the surface of the frying pan.

how to doodle frying pan

Step 3

What good is a frying pan without some food? 😉 Let’s doodle something simple and yummy here. How about a nice tasty egg? Doodle an oval in the middle of your frying pan, and then around that oval doodle a blob. That circle and blob now become your fried egg. 🙂 Also, doodle a couple of straight lines on the handle of your frying pan. These lines will give your handle a third-dimension.

doodling frying pan

Step 4

Add some shading to your doodle using straight and short lines. Be sure to keep the line size consistent and pay particular attention to the spacing between each line. Simple shading such as this will give your doodle more depth. Or, in other words, it will give your doodle more life.

drawing frying pan

Step 5

Finally, add a splash of color to your doodle. The colors you use are of course completely up to you. Eggs yolks do, however, look a lot more appetizing when they’re yellow, not green. 😉

how to doodle frying pan

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