How to Doodle a Wardrobe

Step 1

Doodle a large rectangle in portrait format, then doodle an upside down ‘T’ to divide the wardrobe into three sections.

Step 2

Doodle two circles that will represent handles in the middle on either side of the central line. Now doodle two rectangles to represent the draws in the bottom section. Finally, add lines to represent the handles for each draw.

Step 3

Add a third dimension to your wardrobe by doodling lines at a 45-degree angle that extend out toward the right. Now join those lines together to close the shape.

Step 4

The final step is to use lines for shading purposes to give your wardrobe some character and depth. On the front section of the wardrobe, doodle lines angling 45-degrees to the left. Be sure to space them apart equally showing long lines at the top and progressively shorter lines toward the bottom. On the bottom right section of the wardrobe, doodle lines to match the angle of the box. There are no fixed rules when it comes to shading. Experiment to see what type of shading works best for your doodle.

Step 5

You can, of course, also add some color to give your doodle a bit of life and vibrancy. In this example, two shades of brown have been used that add further depth to your doodle.

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