Daily Success Rituals

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Wealthy vs. Poor Daily Rituals…

There are those who are born into wealth and then there are those who are born into poverty. Those born into wealth are the lucky ones, right? They have the best education, they have a comfy lifestyle, they literally have anything and everything they want handed to them. Life is certainly good when money is abundant.

Those born into families who struggle financially or that live from paycheck to paycheck unfortunately do not have those same luxuries. They can’t afford the same level of education, they need to make do with the little they have, and nothing comes easily. In fact, it seems as though everything is difficult to come by and life becomes an endless struggle.

Being born into an underprivileged family might not give you the same opportunities as other people who are born into abundance and wealth, however the life you were born into doesn’t need to define who you are for the rest of your life.

Every moment, every day you have a choice. You can either accept your circumstances as they are or you can do something about them.

Many people who came before you were born with far less opportunities than you have right now. However, these people weren’t satisfied with their circumstances. They didn’t accept things as they were. Instead they decided that if things were to change then they needed to change.

There are many stories of people born into poverty or into an underprivileged family who eventually became self-made millionaires and billionaires. These people didn’t make excuses for the life they had, they instead used their circumstances as fuel that helped them to create a better life for themselves and their family.

Your circumstances should never define your entire life. Circumstances are temporary — fleeting moments of your life. Yes, of course accept these circumstances. This is very important. But don’t indulge in these circumstances by feeling sorry for yourself or for your life.

The great thing about circumstances is that circumstances change. However, they only change if we are willing to take the necessary actions to change them.

Self-made millionaires and billionaires at one point decided that their circumstances must change — that their life must be different. And so they took massive action in a new direction that transformed their destiny. But how did they do this? How did they escape from a prison that many people succumb to?

There are of course many factors that cook the ingredients of success, however for the purpose of this discussion let’s look at six opposing daily habits/rituals that separate the wealthy from the poor.

  1. The wealthy write down their goals daily to help keep them focused. The poor also have goals but their goals come in the form of reaching the next level in their video game.
  2. The wealthy keep a to-do list that directs their actions towards their most important goals. The poor don’t keep a to-do list. Instead they are constantly distracted and lacking focus.
  3. The wealthy listen to self-help audios and podcasts during periods of downtime. The poor get lost listening to music.
  4. The wealthy read books for 30+ minutes per day about topics that help them in the pursuit of their goals. The poor watch on average 5 hours of mindless television per day.
  5. The wealthy network regularly to build strong relationships to help them achieve their goals. The poor gossip regularly about other people’s lives to make themselves feel better.
  6. The wealthy get their day started early with an empowering morning ritual. The poor over sleep and then wonder where the day has gone.

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If you desire to change your life then you must begin by changing your habits and the rituals that currently control your daily decisions and actions.

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Action Points

Take into account the daily rituals you indulge in and ask yourself:

  • What are my current daily habits/rituals doing for my life?
  • Are they helping or hindering the goals I would like to achieve?
  • Where am I wasting my time?
  • What does this mean for my future if I continue along this path?
  • What new habits/rituals would help keep me focused on my goals?
  • Which of the above rituals of the wealthy could I incorporate into my life? How?

It’s important to understand that everything counts. Absolutely everything makes a difference. Everything you do each and every day (the little and the big things) build your future. Isn’t it time you designed your destiny with purpose?

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