How to Develop More Charisma

Have you ever met anyone who instantly won you over with their personality? They just had this incredible intoxicating energy that immediately drew you into their world. You were glued to every word they said and just couldn’t resist being around them. It was as if they gave you this incredible energy and buzz that made you feel wonderful about yourself. Charisma is of course a magnetic energy. It is a quality that expresses confidence and strength — arousing loyalty and admiration. Some people are of course naturally born with a charismatic personality, but anyone can learn to develop more charisma with a little practice.


Here are ways you can be more charismatic

In order to develop more charisma you need to work on building a mysterious aura and vibe. A charismatic individual is someone who very often comes across as being somewhat unpredictable and mysterious. They have this energy about them that naturally intrigues people. They reveal enough about themselves to keep people interested, and yet still maintain an aura of mystery that keeps people guessing and wanting to know more. What adds to their mystery and intrigue is the fact that they come across as being incredibly inspirational and fearless. In other words, they inspire people with their courageous actions and deeds.


6 Ways to Increase Your Charisma

Charisma is very much an intoxicating quality. It naturally draws people to itself and moves them emotionally. With this in mind, charismatic individuals often come across as being very authentic, passionate, respectful, approachable, enthusiastic, open-minded and humble. These are of course “connector” attributes, meaning that they help the charismatic individual connect and bond with the people around them on a deep emotional level. In order to develop more charisma you must work on adopting each of these attributes into your own personality, and then using them to develop deeper bonds with those you interact with.


How to Be More Charismatic

Charisma often comes through the voice we use and the words we speak. It expresses itself confidently, articulately and with great conviction and enthusiasm. Charismatic individuals understand how to use their voice to win people over. They for instance vary the tonality of their voice and use pauses to create interest and build anticipation. In order to develop more charisma you must work on improving your voice and how it comes across in social situations. Practice expressing yourself clearly, vary your speech and tonality, and use emotional words that draw people into your conversation.


How to Be More Charismatic

Charisma of course doesn’t only come across through our voice, it also more importantly gets expressed through our body movements and gestures. This is essentially how the charismatic individual builds deep levels of rapport with those around them. They do this by using their body to mirror and match people’s movements, facial expressions and demeanor. They understand that rapport is everything. As long as they have rapport with someone, they have their undivided attention. You too can develop more charisma by using mirror-matching techniques to build rapport with those around you.


Developing Charisma

The charismatic individual always enjoys being at the center of attention. They do this by telling engaging stories and by using humor to draw people into their world through their demeanor. However, in order to truly capture people’s imaginations, they understand that they must also share some of that spotlight. With this in mind, the charismatic individual goes to great lengths to make people feel important and valued. They do this by asking insightful questions that encourage people to talk about their lives, goals, dreams, and aspirations. Showing this level of interest in others, naturally gets people more interested in them.


How to Develop Your Charisma

As you develop more charisma, you naturally grow more influential in the lives of those around you. People start looking up to you and begin valuing your feedback and opinion. Charisma is just something that naturally wins people over. It of course does this in little ways at first through the use of generous compliments that make people feel valued and special. Charisma then uses this as a platform to get people feeling better about themselves and excited about their future. This of course wins people’s respect and honor, thereby helping the charismatic individual grow more influential in their lives.


Why is it that so very few people develop charisma? Well, it’s because it takes a lot of work and effort. Charisma isn’t something that comes naturally for most. It’s rather something that we need to consciously focus on developing over time.

Extroverts of course often have a far easier time developing charisma than introverts. However, charisma doesn’t necessarily need to be loud and expressive. It can be more of a quiet form of influence that draws people in, in very subtle ways. Charisma is therefore not just one thing, but can actually come in many different flavors.

In the end, to develop more charisma essentially comes down to making people feel comfortable in your presence. The more comfortable people feel the quicker they fall under your influence and spell.

Six  mindsets for developing charisma


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