Rules for How to Win at the Game of Life

What would you say separates high achievers from everyone else? What is it that they do, and what is it that they know that gives them such a superior advantage? Do they possibly understand things that the majority of people simply aren’t aware of? Just maybe life is kind of like playing a game, and these high achievers know the secret rules of this game and therefore understand how to play it to their advantage. But are these rules for winning the game of life really a big secret? Are they only bestowed to the chosen few? Well not today! Here are the six rules for winning at the game of life.


How to Succeed and Win at the Game of Life

The first rule for winning the game of life is to set clear and empowering goals. Goals are of course important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they help improve your mental focus. When you set goals you work with more urgency and purpose. In other words, they help provide you with a sense of direction for your life. As a result your mental focus is driven by the priorities you set that help you achieve those goals. Secondly, goals enhance your level of commitment and inspire passion. However, in order to fully commit yourself to this journey, you must clearly outline why you want to achieve these goals in the first place.


the game of life

The second rule for winning the game of life is to consistently stretch your comfort zone. This is of course important when it comes to goal achievement. After all, everything you want essentially lies outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. You will actually need to step outside your comfort zone to grab a hold of these goals. Unfortunately, a great many people simply don’t take this necessary step. They don’t take it because every goal comes riddled with problems that must first be overcome. However, little do they realize that overcoming these problems will stretch their comfort zone and move them closer to their prize.


How to play The Game of Life

The third rule for winning the game of life is to generate plenty of bad ideas. As you stretch your comfort zone you will deal with a vast array of problems. Overcoming these problems may not be easy, and many times you might even be forced to think quickly on your feet. As a result you will make some poor choices that won’t seem to work in your favor. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying again, and again. Life is a number’s game. Don’t be afraid to repeatedly take a chance on yourself. The more times you try and fail, the higher the likelihood you will succeed the next time around.


the game of life

The fourth rule for winning the game of life is to make mistakes and to learn from them. As you repeatedly try new things to overcome your problems, you are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are simply a part of life, and a part of living that life. They are a natural part of the human experience, and we all of course make mistakes. However, those who don’t win at the game of life simply don’t take the time to learn from their mistakes. Life only rewards those who learn from the errors of their ways. It rewards those who treat every experience as a lesson that helps them move forward in a better way.


How to Win the Game of Life

The fifth rule for winning the game of life is to work smarter and harder than yesterday. Those who make progress in life do so because they are constantly learning, growing and improving. They are building ever greater momentum toward their goals because they learn, adapt and upgrade their effort, skills, knowledge and methods. They clearly understand that in order to do better they must get better, think faster, and work smarter than the day before. They strive to make consistent improvements in a multitude of ways. Life is after all a game of inches. You gain an edge by beating your best-self today.


Life Rules: How do you play the Game of Life

The sixth rule for winning the game of life is to expose yourself to new ideas, people and places. We only grow and develop ourselves when we experience new things, when we learn something unique, and when we step outside the boundaries of our comfort zone. Expanding your horizons in this way provides you with new perspectives and opportunities for further growth and development. And as you grow, you gain ever deeper insights and understandings into your life and circumstances. You then grow wiser with the passage of time and subsequently make more optimal choices and decisions moving forward.


As you can see, the rules for winning the game of life aren’t complicated, and they’re certainly not one of life’s great big secrets. We all know and understand these rules, but how many of us actually put these rules into practice?

A great many people don’t become high achievers because they are just not willing to put in the work to play the game of life as it was supposed to be played.

Yes, of course life isn’t all about rewards and accomplishments. But these rules are not just about that either. These rules are about challenging yourself to live your life to the fullest in the most optimal way possible, so that in the end, there are no regrets.

Six Rules for Winning at the Game of Life

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