Just Keep Trying

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Just Keep On Trying Until…

Have you ever pursued a goal but ended up quitting halfway through? You tried and tried your best but you just weren’t good enough, strong enough, experienced enough, or smart enough to pull it off. Yes, I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point or another.

Have you ever wondered, “what if?”. What if you stuck at it for a little longer? What if you didn’t listen to those naysayers? What if you tried a different approach? What if you hadn’t made that mistake? What if you asked for help? What if you accomplished what you set out to do? What would life be like today?

It’s understandable to reflect on these types of scenarios. After all we learn most from a defeat. When we are defeated or succumb to failure we often reflect about what went wrong and what we could have done better if we had another chance. On the other hand when we are victorious we often get lost in our own self-pride, and as a result we learn nothing from the experience.

Defeat helps us learn and grow if we are willing to sit with our thoughts and reflect on the situation. This period of contemplation can bring new insights, ideas and methods for moving forward in a better or different way. We can then use this new found knowledge to try yet again… and again… and again until we succeed.

Some people of course never quit, but they don’t get anywhere either. They fail to learn from the experience and as a result they continue doing more or less the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. This is not where we want to be. I bet you want to move forward in a better way after a defeat — that in essence is the key to success.

Pick a person… any person who has accomplished anything of significance in this world and they will often tell you that they accomplished great feats because they kept on pushing forward despite the setbacks and obstacles standing in their way. In fact, often they made their greatest breakthroughs at their lowest point when problems and adversity had them by the neck. But they persisted and persevered with determination, guts and creativity through these challenges until things finally turned in their favor.

The person who experiences no problems is a person who doesn’t take the necessary risks to pursue their biggest and boldest goals. Only those who venture out on a limb and take a chance on themselves face adversity. And yet it’s this adversity that makes them grow stronger and bolder. It’s exactly this adversity that challenges them to think in new and creative ways. And it’s this adversity that gives them the incentive they need to try yet again.

Those who achieve great things in this world do so despite rejection, criticism, judgment, failure and mistakes. The journey is of course never easy, in fact it’s a great struggle that takes incredible patience and willpower. However, these individuals use adversity as a fuel that pushes them forward even harder each time they try yet again. Nothing stops them because they believe that they will eventually find a way through… they will eventually get the breakthrough they need to accomplish their goal.

Sometimes all it takes is a little more effort, a little more patience, or a little more hustle. Every little thing makes a difference because you never really know how close you are until you have that goal securely in your hands. In fact, a great many people quit literally inches away from the success they desire to have. If they only knew they were inches away before they quit, their life might be very different today. Just maybe you are one of those unfortunate souls. Then again, just maybe you are inches away right at this very moment and you don’t even realize it.

If your goal is important and meaningful enough then you will keep trying and pushing forward until you grasp it firmly in your hands. There is no other way. There are no shortcuts to success. It’s a tough slog. Are you ready for the battle?

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Action Points

The next time you feel like quitting while pursuing an important goal, ask yourself:

  • Why do I want this? Who am I doing this for?
  • Why is it important I pursue this till the very end?
  • What will I miss out on if I fail to accomplish this?
  • How can I use this setback as fuel to push me forward?
  • What else could I try? How else could I approach this problem?

Remember, most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. Will you be the next to join this exclusive club?

IQ Matrix Maps

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