How to Have Good Luck in Life

How is it that some people just seem to have all the luck in the world? No matter how bad things get, it all just works out for them in the end. Everything they do just seems to turn into a lucky break. How could that be? How is it that some people have all the luck in the world, while others just can’t catch a break? Just maybe they read the manual on how to get lucky in life and they now understand the secret rules for success. But is that really possible? Are there actual rules that can help bring good luck into our lives? Yes, there actually are, and here you will find six of them.


good luck in life

The first rule for having more good luck in life requires a commitment to lifelong learning. Luck is of course all about being in the right place, at the right time, but more importantly it’s about knowing what to do. Those who get lucky have the required skills, knowledge, resources, and the experience on hand to make the most of life’s greatest opportunities. They just understand how to take advantage of a situation. And of course, this understanding comes from the fact that they are insatiably curious and hungry to know and learn more about anything and everything that can help them achieve their goals.


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The second rule for having more good luck in life requires a desire to network relentlessly with many different people. It is often said that it’s not what you know, but rather who you know that makes all the difference. Or maybe more specifically, it’s about who knows you and how willing they are to help you get ahead. In one way or another, opportunities often come through other people. The connections you make provide you with access to tools, resources, knowledge, skills and the support you need to achieve your goals. And of course making the most of these connections is what generates good luck.


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The third rule for having more good luck in life comes down to helping other people get what they want. The Law of Reciprocity states that when we help others, they will feel more obliged to give us something of value in return. In other words, helping people get what they want actually helps you get what you want. The value that people give you in return may however not come directly from them, but rather from someone connected to them. This person subsequently provides you with the tools, resources, knowledge and the support you need to achieve your goals. Kind of lucky, don’t you think?


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The fourth rule for having more good luck in life comes down to thorough preparation. Those people who seem to have all the luck in the world work tirelessly behind the scenes preparing themselves mentally and physically for any opportunities that come their way. They don’t just suddenly get lucky. They get lucky because they are thoroughly prepared for what’s to come. They know exactly what they want, what they will do, and how they will adapt if things inevitably go wrong. Luck after all favors the prepared mind that is flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.


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The fifth rule for having more good luck in life comes down to working smarter, not harder, and then having the courage to take risks when opportunity presents itself. There are of course a great many people who work extremely hard but seem to make very little progress toward their goals. They’re just unlucky, right? They’re unlucky because they never question whether there is a better way to get things done. The people who work smarter, in more optimal ways, and those who are willing to take courageous risks, are the ones who make the most of the opportunities that come their way.


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The sixth rule for having more good luck in life comes down to your willingness to push yourself further than anyone else. Those people who suddenly catch a lucky break persist and persevere for far longer than the average person is willing and able. They show a steadfast determination to succeed that pushes them forward through the toughest of challenges that stop other people in their tracks. They end up succeeding in the end, not because they are smarter or better, but purely because they never quit. They get lucky in the end when they finally figure out the valuable lessons in all their mistakes.


Luck isn’t some kind of miraculous random event that suddenly blesses us with good fortune. It’s rather something that develops over time through the choices and decisions we make each and every day. Yes, some people will for instance get lucky and win the lottery. A lottery is however pretty much all about potluck. Besides buying more tickets, there is simply nothing you can do that will increase your chances of success, and even with more tickets in your pocket, you have absolutely no control over the outcome.

The goals you are pursuing are not built upon potluck. Achieving these goals is built upon your ability to implement these six rules into your life. The more you apply yourself to following them, the higher your chances of succeeding in the end. And that’s of course when others will tell you that you just got lucky. 🙂

Six Rules for Improving Your Luck

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