Developing the Six Morning Rituals for Success

Do you have a morning ritual? I imagine you probably have some kind of ritual that gets your day started. But what specifically does this ritual entail? Is it energizing, motivating and empowering? Or do you simply dread waking up in the morning? Did you know that getting your day started in the right way can put you into an optimal state-of-mind for goal achievement? In fact, high achievers the world over partake in carefully scripted morning rituals that are designed to help improve their mental focus, productivity and performance. With this in mind, here are six morning rituals for success that high achievers typically partake in.


morning rituals for success

The first morning ritual for success comes in the form of meditation. Meditation involves sitting comfortably in complete silence for up to 30 minutes. While meditating people quietly observe their thoughts or concentrate on the movement of their breath. This allows them to be still and mindful of the moment. Meditation can however also be used as a time for prayer, for self-reflection and for gratitude. Incorporating meditation into your morning routine can help relieve stress, promote better sleep, enhance mindful self-awareness, and improve concentration and focus throughout the day.


6 Morning Rituals

The second morning ritual for success comes in the form of learning. High achievers understand that in order to keep their edge, they must consistently feed their mind with new ideas and information. However, it’s not enough just to read a book for 20 minutes each day. Reading without a purpose brings very little value. What you read must be immediately actionable and applicable to your life, goals and circumstances. In other words, this information must help you gather valuable insights and perspectives that allow you to develop the skills needed to advance your career and achieve your objectives.


Developing the Six Morning Rituals for Success

The third morning ritual for success comes in the form of exercise. Partaking in regular exercise is of course something that can help improve your energy, promote emotional well-being, and enhance concentration and mental alertness. However, as great as that sounds, exercising first thing in the morning is excruciatingly difficult for many people. But exercise doesn’t necessarily need to feel like a burden. It could simply involve some basic stretching, yoga, weight training or a short cardio workout. 5 to 10 minutes is all it takes to get your day started on the right track.


6 Morning Rituals Successful People

The fourth morning ritual for success comes in the form of journaling. Journaling could for instance involve writing down your thoughts or self-reflections, which of course can help you make better sense of your life and circumstances. Journaling can also be used as a tool for capturing ideas to help improve your career and relationships. Some people even like to use journaling for goal setting purposes or for planning out their future. Given all this, journaling will help to reinforce what’s most important in your life, while keeping you focused on your highest priority activities throughout the day.


6 Morning Rituals to Empower Your Day

The fifth morning ritual for success comes in the form of visualization. This involves the process of visualizing something in your imagination that you would like to accomplish. For instance you could visualize a goal that you would like to achieve. However, don’t just visualize your destination. Actually spend time visualizing how you went about accomplishing that goal, including all the obstacles and setbacks you overcame along the way. Visualize also the habits you developed, how you handled difficult emotions, and how you responded to adversity. Doing this will subsequently help improve the choices and decisions you make throughout the day.


6 Daily Rituals of Highly Successful People

The sixth morning ritual for success comes in the form of affirmations. Affirmations typically involve repeating words and phrases that send very specific instructions to your body and brain. These instructions come in the form of commands that help direct your thoughts and decisions. Your affirmations must therefore be tied to very specific actions that you will take throughout the day. These actions must build upon empowering beliefs, habits, and attitudes that move you closer toward the accomplishment of your goals. Repeating your affirmations in the morning and then throughout the day will help you to stay focused on your most important actions.


These six morning rituals for success will lay down the foundations for an empowering morning routine that will keep you focused and inspired throughout the day. You of course don’t need to incorporate all of them into your morning schedule. Pick and choose what works best in your situation, and start there. Getting started is the most important part.

This is of course great, but how long should this morning routine be? Well that’s also up to you. Anything from 20 to 90 minutes works well for most people. Again start somewhere and then make adjustments as you begin feeling more comfortable with the routine you have chosen.

Over the long-term, consistency will of course be the key. Every single time you undertake your morning routine you will make subtle mental shifts in how you think about your life and circumstances. These shifts will in fact probably go unnoticed. However, over time these shifts will eventually lead you toward making a different set of choices that will guide you down a vastly different path — toward a life that you may never have imagined was possible.

Six empowering morning rituals


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