How to Overcome Anxiety

Do you get anxious when facing the unknown? Do you struggle to keep your emotions in-check? We all experience anxiety from time-to-time. It’s something that many of us just accept and live with. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We can all learn how to overcome anxiety using six simple steps. These six steps will show you how to deal with anxiety and how to control anxiety far more effectively. Use these steps to take charge of those anxious moments that hold you back from being yourself.


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Anxiety typically manifests as an unpleasant feeling you have about uncontrollable and unavoidable circumstances. It’s an uneasiness you have about a future filled with possible threats and negative experiences. Typical symptoms of anxiety include trouble concentrating, irrational worries, dizziness, sweating, tension and irritability. Recognizing the symptoms of anxiety helps you become aware of what’s happening and how you are responding to circumstances. And awareness is of course the first step to positive change and transformation.


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Overcoming anxiety requires being very mindful of your thoughts, of your self-talk, of your mood and of the irrational beliefs that are currently clouding your judgement. It’s important that you acknowledge that you are seeing and interpreting things a certain way, and this is subsequently causing you to feel anxious. How you are thinking about this situation, how you are talking to yourself about these events, and what you believe about your predicament influences your mood. Use mindfulness to become an observer of the workings of your inner world.


6 Effective Ways to Fight Anxiety

Having become conscious and aware of your inner world, it’s now time to settle yourself within the present moment. Close your eyes and focus on the rhythm of your breath and begin concentrating on all the things that are within your control. Ask yourself: What’s working for me? What’s within my direct control? Overcoming anxiety requires that you let go of the past, ignore the future, and just settle on the one thing that you can control right here, right now. You are far more resilient and resourceful than you realize. Just focus and be in the moment.


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Having settled yourself into the moment, it’s now time to openly acknowledge and recognize that your anxiety is a direct result of how you are imagining this situation. You are very likely imagining a very bleak and troublesome future. And it’s these imaginings that are causing you to feel anxious about your predicament. To change how you feel you must shift your perspective of the situation and throw doubt on your beliefs. Ask yourself: How do I know that what I’m imagining will actually happen? How could it potentially become a positive experience?


How to Cope with Anxiety

To overcome anxiety you must now break your emotional pattern, and the best way to do that is through optimizing your body language. Recognize that how you use your body affects how you feel at any given moment. To break this emotional pattern you need to snap yourself into a more optimal state-of-mind. To do this, begin by straightening your back, putting a big smile on your face, talking with confidence and moving with purpose. Move your body as though you are feeling confident and self-assured. It’s impossible to feel anxious when moving this way.


Overcoming anxiety

You are now in an optimal state-of-mind to start taking control of your anxiety attacks. However, overcoming anxiety can be challenging at times. It’s a difficult emotion that can very quickly overwhelm you. With this in mind, it’s important to progressively train yourself to work through your feelings of anxiety gradually in small doses over time. One way to do this is through the process of visualization. Visualizing the unfamiliar circumstances in advance can help inoculate you against anxiety. Simply visualize yourself handling the situation in a calm manner, over and over again.


Using these six steps on how to overcome anxiety will help you to progressively work through your feelings of anxiety. Dealing with anxiety of course isn’t easy, but it’s possible to work through your feelings as long as you are open and willing to move through each step of this process. Overcoming anxiety will of course take practice. But over time you will develop a new habitual pattern that will help you to overcome your feelings of anxiety in more optimal ways.

Six steps for controlling your anxiety

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